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Fun Runs and Walks in Los Angeles, CA, for Large Groups

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Join Off ‘N Running Tours for the most unique and enjoyable fun runs and walks in Los Angeles, CA. These guided fitness events are designed for up to 175 participants and the perfect combination of seeing the city and working out. We stay on the sidewalk for safety’s sake and take you to some of the most interesting and scenic places that LA and Beverly Hills have to offer. Our team specializes in 3 Mile out and back course and fun runs for conventions, meetings, corporate functions, and small groups.

3 Mile out and back course (Runs & Walks That Show Off Our City)

Ourruns and walks are a great way to fulfill your desire to get fit and see the city! This length of walk or run is not too taxing for people who are in moderate shape. Typically, most physically fit individuals can run it in 30 - 40 minutes, and walkers can complete it in around 45 minutes to an hour. Our fun runs make the most of the cityscape and allow you to take in the sights and sounds of our people and culture. LA is such an iconic city that our tours make for one of the most popular ways to explore the streets and see the sights up close. Get your group together and give us a call to book the perfect way to get to know Los Angeles.

We encourage you to give our tours your best effort; however, there’s no pressure to finish first. Your 3 mile out and back course, run and walk is your own journey to acquaint yourself with LA’s unique personality. You’ll become familiar with the ins and outs of the traffic, parks, and landmarks from the street level. We even hold virtual runs for groups who aren’t able to make the trip to our city!

The fun runs are non-competitive with no time limit. After all, the idea is to have fun. These 3 mile out and back course convention races and walks are designed to be a great networking experience and a stimulating workout for the mind and body. However, if you would like to have some competition, we offer 3 mile out and back course and convention races for that too. Contact us today for more information.


"Thank you again for the terrific coordination and partnership during the East West Finance Conference. I could not have done it without you!"
Janice Glosup - Senior Manager, Meeting Planning Services | Marriott International

"WOW! Thank you so much for such a thoughtful gift, so appreciate it!!! I have told the whole team what a great job you did and I hope to work together again!! Thank you SO much!"
Beth Ricklefs - Senior Manager | Global Incentives & Meetings | JNR Incorporated


began her career in 1994 by offering running tours throughout the Los Angeles area. As a seasoned runner, she understood that a change of scenery makes all the difference in following through with a fitness routine. With this in mind, she began by offering guided running tours through Beverly Hills, and West Los Angeles for runners of all levels.

Cheryl Anker