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Our Upcoming 5k Races and Walks

At Off 'N Running Tours, we are excited about our upcoming 5k races and walks. Below, you’ll find our schedule of events. We are a race management team that helps companies and organizations plan fun team-building exercises and fundraisers.

If you want to plan a thrilling race that builds camaraderie, raises awareness and funds for a cause, and promotes health and fitness in your area, give us a call. We specialize in race planning for clients all across the country.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you and organize a memorable occasion. When it comes to hosting 5k runs and walks, our team takes care of all the details and logistics. Please contact us for more information.

Virtual Long Beach Riverside

UPCOMING 2020 VIRTUAL Runs/Walks for Annual Conventions and Meetings

  • October 3 – 5, 2020 – National Blood Foundation – VIRTUAL 5K RUN/ 1 MILE WALK

  • November 6 – 14,2020 - American Pharmacist Association – VIRTUAL 5K RUN

  • November 27 – December 11, 2020 - ASH Foundation 2020 VIRTUAL 5K RUN/3K WALK

PAST Races

04/13/2019 – Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences 5K Race, Dockweiler State Beach, CA

05/06/2019 – AsMa Trumbo 5Km Convention Run – Sunset Park, Las Vegas, NV

07/02/2019 Family, Career and Community Leaders of America 5K Run, Angels Stadium, Anaheim, CA Convention Race

07/26/2019 – PMA Food Service – Conference and Expo – Monterey, CA

09/22/2019 – American Society of Plastic Surgeons - Convention 5K Run/Walk – San Diego, CA

09/29/2019 – LIFE STREAM BLOOD BANK – Open to the Public - Cal State San Bernardino, CA 

10/13/2019 – Run For Vision 5K Run/Walk, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA

10/18/2019 – Center for Growth Talent 5K Run/Walk, Dad Millers Golf Course, Anaheim, CA

10/20/2019 – AABB National Blood Foundation Annual Convention, 5K Run/1 Mile Walk – Sunset Station in San Antonio, TX

10/23/2019 – AWS Elemental 4K 4 Charity Run/Walk, Elysian Park, Los Angeles, CA

12/08/2019 – American Society of Hematology – Convention Run, Orlando, FL

Canceled 2020 RACES

COVID-19 CANCELLATION | 09/26/2020 – National Emergency Number Association – 6:00AM – Long Beach, CA

COVID-19 CANCELLATION | 07/25/2020 – PMA Foundation Race for Talent 5K Run/Walk, Depot Lot, Monterey, CA

COVID-19 CANCELLATION | 08/01/2020 – Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences, 5K Run/Walk, Dockweiler State Beach, Marina del Rey, CA – Hoping to move to live run in 2021 – date pending

COVID-19 CANCELLATION LIVE RUN CANCELLED | 10/04/2020 – National Blood Foundation 5K Run/ 1 Mile Walk, Inner Harbor, Baltimore, MD

COVID-19 CANCELLATION | 10/18/2020 – American Society of Plastic Surgeons - Close the Loop 5K Run/Walk, Crissy Field, San Francisco, CA

COVID-19 CANCELLATION LIVE RUN CANCELLED| 12/06/2020 – American Society of Hematology 5K Run/3K Walk, San Diego, CA.

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